FlyMe flight instrument for Android

optimized for paragliding

  • Offline maps (no data connection required)
  • Thermal map of the world (all thermals are marked on the map)
  • Airspaces, paragliding launch sites, cities, waypoints
  • Side view of terrain, restricted airspace and flight path
  • Live tracking, other gliders are visible on the map at real time
  • Task editor with competition tasks support
  • Thermal assistant
  • FAI triangle assistant
  • Vario beeper with GPS/barometer support
  • OLC distance calculation during the flight
  • Support for Bluetooth and USB devices:
    Flytec SensBox, BlueFlyVario, Flynet 2, Flight Bandit, FlyNet XC, XC Tracer, leGPSBip
  • Upload to OLC servers (XCGlobe, Leonardo, DHV XC,...)
  • Send IGC to email (usable in competitions, zip option)
  • Valid G record (approved by FAI Open Validation Server)
  • Power saver mode for extending battery life (usable for Hike & Fly)
  • Works on any Android device with GPS

Important: Since version 3.01 FlyMe is available on the Google Play Store.
If you have older version installed, please uninstall it and install the latest release from Google Play.

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