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Board -> Blog : Locked flight
  • 1.
    Dober dan,
    this is a 1st world problem, please help immediately:
    I just noticed, that my flight from the top of Mangart is "locked" (I guess that means it is not visible to the general public). I know that the launch from the top is not allowed on the Slovenian side, however took off from the Italian side (which is only a couple of meters away from the Slovenian part).
    It is not important to me that the flight is visible, however I wanted to point out that I was on the legal side here (not in a geographically sense ;).
    The rendering of Hike and Fly tracks is a really cool feature by the way.
    Roman Zechner - 05.11.2018 10:33
  • 2.
    Here is our immediate help:
    No auto-locking is in place. Just when you uploaded the flight, you must have inadvertently made it private. I have unchecked it and now is public.
    Tom Pavlič - 05.11.2018 10:46
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